The Full Mix

The Full Mix

All the digital releases:

• Battle Sounds 1997 Whitney Biennial Cut
• X-ersize #1 (feat: the X-men)
• The Turntablist Festivals 1-5

running time: 6.5 hours +

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The Full Mix

7 Videos

  • Battle Sounds Hip-Hop DJ Documentary | Whitney Cut (1997)

    Battle Sounds is the first of it's kind documentary about Hip-Hop DJ's, primarily those that participated in competitive battles (later to be known as Turntablists). Shot over a period of three years, the project captured the grass root movement efforts of DJ culture at a pivotal moment in it’s ...

  • X-ersize #1

    This underground documentary, recorded in 1996, follows NYC baddest DJ crew, the X-men (Roc Raida, Rob Swift & Mr. Sinista, later known as the X-ecutioners). Audiences get a rare, never before seen view of the world of this new form of DJ. From practice to strategy to performance, this film give ...

  • Turntablist Festival 1 (1996)

    Feat: The X-men, The 5th Platoon, Slyce, Spinbad, Shark, Ginsu Dee, Rod, Gabbie, and Professor Smooth.

  • Turntablist Festival 2 (1997)

    Feat: Babu, The X-ecutioners, 5th Platoon, Slyce, Evil Dee, Excess, Develop, Spictakular, and more

  • Turntablist Festival 3 (1998)

    Feat: "The Battle Sounds DJ Battle" with Danny-O, Daddy Dog, J-Smoke, Spictakular, Excess, Marz1, Mix Trix, & Develop. Showcases by Total Eclipse, Faust, Do Boy.. and the RockSteady Crew & NYC Breakers go off.

  • Turntablist Festival 4 (2000)

    Feat: Q-bert, Supa Dave, Trajik, Sugarcuts, Impereal, Excess, IXL, Big Wiz, Marz1, Rukas, Dummy, Rob Swift, plus Rob Swift & Q-bert together.

  • Turntablist Festival 5 (2001)

    Feat: Z-trip, Radar, Mysterio, Daddy Dog, Roli Rho, Neil Armstrong, Kuttin Kandi, Precision, Rob Swift, Mista Sinista, Mr. Dibbs, & T-Rock